Floor Sanding

Renovation of old floor boards is a fantastic and economical way to breath a fresh breath into your property, as well as being extremley practical.  We offer a full range of equipment to make this possible.


For the main area of your room you will be using the Hiretec HT8 upright floor sander, this is a drum sanding machine large enough to walk behind and sand an area of 8" in width.  This machine will take you to within about 3" of the skirting board, so you may want to consider hiring the edge sander which is designed just for this task.


A full range of consumables are on offer with 24grit course

sheets for rapid stock removal and stripping of existing

varnishes and paints, medium and fine sanding sheets for

finishing and also spare dust collection bags.  All these items

available on a sale or return basis so there is no chance of

running out mid-way through your job.


Handy Tips:  

Make sure you get all the prep. work done first, punch all the heads of flooring nails below the surface or they will rip the sanding belts very quickly.  

Why not save some of the sanding dust, you could mix it with wood glue for filling small gaps.

Always work with the lead over your shoulder you know where it is and there is less chance or any nasty little accidents!

All our staff are experienced users of this equipment and can offer plenty of advice to make your job easier!