What ever you need we can supply.  We have available a wide range of temporary and mobile heating solutions.



For heating of larger spaces such as warehouses,

workshop and factory units why not consider LP gas fired space heaters.  Avaialble in various sizes to suit your requirements, these can be linked to multiple gas bottles for continued and uninterupted use.

bin heater

Not so attractive but just as effective are these gas fired 'bin type' heaters, fantastic for providing heat on construction sites.

For home and office a very effective solution is the

traditional cabinet heater, also stocked in a modern

catalytic type.

If you are worried about having naked flames in the work place then why not ask about our ducted indirect fired heaters.


If you would prefer we can also supply electrical powered heating.  As well as smaller traditional office heaters we can supply larger 3kw fan heaters and the popular infra red or rosey glow heaters.

Call For Supplies of Butane & Propane Gas