This is just the job for taking the back ache out of that gardening project.  One of our most asked about pieces of equipment is the C8 Camon Rotovator.

Running of unleaded petrol with a reliable Honda engine, this machine is self propelled with a forward working gear and a reverse travel gear.  It will break up and turn the soil over with repeated usage giving you a nicely tilled soil for planting or levelling.


If your thinking about rotovating your existing lawn make sure you cut the grass back or you may want to consider a turf lifter.






Handy Tip:  To check that your ground is soft enough to use the rotovator just stick a garden fork in to it, if you could dig it with a fork then it'll be fine.  If your ground is hard and compacted you will need to water it well to soften it

You will need a van or trailer to collect this item or why not book a Tool People delivery.  The delivery driver will explain and demonstrate this machine on arrival

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