The Tool People provide a complete hire service for all industries, with all equipment undergoing strict maintenance and testing before use.  As you may appreciate the range we keep is enormous, so we hope to give you a taste of the kind of equipment we supply, but please bear in mind the lists found on this site are by no means exhaustive.  We cannot stress enough, if you don't see what you want then ask, we suprise ourselves sometimes with what we actually do offer for hire!

Drills, Diamond Blades and Cores, Cordless Tools, Rotabroaches, Breakers, Scabblers, Saws, Planers, Routers, Saw Tables, Work Top Jigs, Floor Sanders, Nailers, Nibblers, Screwdrivers, Welders, Grinders, Chop Saws, Tile Cutters, Chasers, Floor Saws, Mixers, Pokers, Compaction Plates, Floats, Ladders, Podiums, Towers, Chimney Scaffold, Leads, Lighting, Generators, Space Heaters, Dehumidifiers, Coolers, Air Conditioners, Blow Torches, Tar Pots, Pipe Benders, Pipe Threaders, Pipe Freezers, Mowers, Turf Cutters, Rotovators, Hedge Trimmers, Shredders, Scarifiers, Pumps, Paint Spraying, Block Cutters, Compressors, Hoists, Props, Security Fences, Traffic Managment, Cable Detectors, PAT Testing Equipment, Carpet Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners, Scrubbers, Steam Cleaners, Pressure Washers, Ladders, Stagings, Scaffolding, Boards............and much much more!!!