Genie AWP-20 Work Platform

The Genie AWP provides an ideal solution when you require fast straight up and down access.  Ideal for use in factory/facility maintenance senarios.  This is a battery powered machine which is manually positioned and set and then provides basket elevation to a height of 6mtr (20 feet).

The maximum safe working load of 159kg is suitable for 1 man and tools and for ease of use a 110volt power take off is provided in the basket.

This machine has a small base base foot print and when folded will fit through a standard door way.

A simple and effortless solution for you working at height needs.


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To see specifications and please click the links below

AWP Photo Specififcation Instruction Manual

Handy Tip:  Please note this machine is not suitable for use on rough terrain, use on good hard standing only.

Delivery is available if required.