Sumo Junior Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers use the principle of adiabatic cooling to take hot dry air, typically found in factories and commercial buildings, and cools it by up to 15 degC by passing it over wet filter pads. Costing around 25% of standard air-conditioning and only 10% of the running costs, the evaporative cooling system is cost-effective in factories and warehouses.


Cools & humidifies the air, power ful 3 speed motor allows
you to set required level of cooling.
Dust filter net captures particles to provide cleaner air
Ice chamber add ice for an extra cooling effect
Automatic swing vertical louvres
provides wide distribution of air
Water level indicator
Easily accessible cooling pads
Manual water drain system
Includes stand for easy mobility
Additional spout easy to refill the coler


Water tank capacity: 40 litres
Water consumption per hour
4 litres
RPM: 1400
Noise level: 79 dB
Air flow: 1800m3/hr
Air throw: 12m
Power : 150W
Voltage: 230V ~ 50Hz


Hints for Better Cooling
For best performance, position the unit
in a location that will create a
'flow through' air effect. The greatest cooling
effect will be felt if the unit is operated in a partly,
opened door way or window with the 'cool' conditioned
air directed into the room. It is also important to have
a door or window partly opened away from the air cooler,
in order to create the 'flow through' effect.